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BG elastic worn out after only a year?

We got our Freetimes when they FIRST came out (Nov 2011), and after just a year of use, they started leaking! The elastic just doesn't seem as tight as it used to be. I've had to make the rise smaller AND tighten the snaps (she's 33 in and 22.5 pounds). But I still have pee and poop leaking on clothes, and that NEVER happened before. These were bulletproof for us!

I have a stash of 20 and wash every 2-3 days. I hang to dry with the occasional dryer cycle if I'm short on time. I was using Rockin Green till it was making her break out, and I switched to All F&C. I tried stripping with no change in leak issues.

Is this normal for BG diapers? I totally thought they lasted like... a couple years (at least through one child!) before they started to have elastic issues. I'm so frustrated, and I'm just ready to change to fitteds and covers.

Will I need to replace all the elastic? Should I just change diaper systems? Will this happen to fitteds and covers after a year as well? I do have an email into Cotton Babies to see if this is normal. I'm so discouraged and frustrated.
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