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Re: Bridesmaid while breastfeeding - am I stressing for nothing.

Thanks for all the replies. I tend to be someone who expects the worst. My daughter wouldn't take a bottle and pumping took forever, plus the baby is still so young, so it's not really something I want to do. I do like the suggestions of altering the dress, zippers at the side or two piece. We have a family friend who's a seamstress and is amazing so I"m sure she could help me. And it's a good idea about bringing something to change into. That would make the reception a lot more bearable. I think I'll be a little more insistent on straps. I'm very modest and I really don't want to be flashing everyone, especially bending down to take care of my toddler. Plus I leak a lot if there isn't pressure against my boobs. I was a size D with nursing my daughter but I needed support against my other boob when nursing so I didn't soak my shirt. Ring sling is a great idea too. I really don't like being in weddings in the first place so that's part of my frustration.

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