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Re: cannibus (pot) for morning sickness

Abourt the getting in trouble aspect in my state anything under a very large amount is just a ticket like speeding with a fine. Also the op said that she will be home birthing so she wont be tested for anything therefore can't get her kid taken away like some people said even tho they don't take your lid away for pot. I am so surprised that people on here seem like they are stuck in like 1950. Where do you people live? I didn't realise how progressive my area is bc every educated person I know even I'd you sdont smoke you know that its not bad. I mean I'm talking lawyers authors both my parents other friennd theirs with prominent jobs. Smoking a little tiny bit every say doesn't make me incapable ofbeing a good mom either it makes me more empathetic, creative patient. Also other people say they
Wouldn't tale anything over the counter while pregnant. I wouldn't either and I only eat organic whole foods my kids also don't take medicine or eat anything processed or with
Anything bad in or on it. So I am very careful and I have researched this topic very deeply and. Still haven't heard any reasons why it could hurt a person either full grown or forming?
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