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Re: child psychologist?

you need to get in touch with mental health...we are just now going through this with my son...we know he has sensory integration dysfunction but I thought that was it...but now I see he is likely highly functional I need to get him checked out to get the diagnosis..before his doc where we lived prior said to hold off because if it wasnt interfering with school we should not label him...I had him at a very open, relaxed, earthy school, but now he is in a small public school here and is having major issues with the inability to stop humming or low chattering constantly when they are instructed to be quiet. Also he spins ALLLLLL the time and is in his own world...he is in no way violent like the issues your son is having...but your son sounds a lot like the child I used to nanny for and he was diagnosed with depression possible bipolar and low self esteem. He started out with the hitting and kicking then it got so bad he threw a fork at his moms face and she has a huge scar!...So it needs to be treated now! he was put on meds and is great he even said he loves being happy now and doesnt have evil thoughts anymore....You can PM me if you wanna chat...
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