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Re: child psychologist?

I know its very hard when we have to admitt there is something not quite right with our babies.

Maybe you could check out a pediatric developmental or mental health clinic? Some of the major hospitals have them and they tend to be great places to start. If you have a childrens hospital I would call there. It seems a bit overwhelming at first becauase there are alot of people evaluating your child at once, but after the initial eval they make recomendations on who to see and give you an idea of what they have found and tend to help you along the path to a diagnosis and intervention. This is where we started with our dd, though of course her issues were much different.

As for the schoools, I agree that the programs can be wonderful. It does all depend on area, as we lived in a large city and the public school was AWFUL for my dd so we moved to a much better district. I actually saw one of the summer aide's drop a child while picking her up from her wheelchair!
I am also a special ed major (slow going but making progress~!) and I have spent alot of time in various classrooms and spoken to many parents of kids in special ed as well as having one myself. If you have any ?'s please feel free to ask!

Good luck, and just know your doing the right thing, and the best you can
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