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Re: Fuzzibunz leaking - fit issue?

Originally Posted by kiwibirdi View Post
We had the same issue with Fuzzibunz OS. No matter what elastic setting they always leaked until he was about 14 lbs and a little chunky in the thighs. (Disappointing, because a lot of people say their babies outgrew Fuzzibunz OS by about 22-25 lbs.) They still leak when we use the minky inserts by themselves, so I usually use a cotton insert with the minky under it. I think minky absorbs more slowly than some other fabrics, and it seems like boys pee faster than girls- everyone I know who uses Fuzzibunz on girls have no problem with minky, but the boys all do. With 2 inserts they do ok, but I'm getting ready to make some bamboo and hemp inserts to try because they hold more moisture and do not cause as many compression leaks (from what I've read.) Also, especially with the tighter elastic settings, the liner tended to peek out a bit in the legs, causing leaks. I found that a slightly looser leg elastic setting and rolling the PUL inward when putting the diaper on helps a lot.

Hopefully this helps
Thanks! I'll try different inserts and try rolling the PUL in.
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