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Re: Is this a type of learning style, or is he just goofing off?


He sits still and does his worksheets with no problem. But while he's reading from the computer screen for his lessons, he like squats on his chair... rather than sitting on it. Or he'll squat on the chair with one foot on the coffee table. I'm always afraid he's going to fall.

And then he'll suddenly stop and ask me a random question that has NOTHING to do with his work, but he'll forget to hit the pause button, and then I'll have to make sure he backs it up so that he can do the task that the "teacher" asked him to do.

Funnix is an awesome program for us. HE read ME a story yesterday, and HE read ME a bedtime story tonight. He came across the word "wonderful." It was a new word to him, and he remembered it when it was used several more times throughout the book. So obviously he's absorbing. So maybe I'll just let him dance and sing as long as he's getting it done.

And you're right.. one of the reasons I chose to home school was so that we could adjust to their learning styles, no matter what that may be.

Thanks for sharing that your DS is the same way. It helps me to know that it can be normal for some kids.

God bless!
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