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Re: Milk needed during the day/Pumping enough

Lots of good advice. I've pumped successfully for two guys for two years. With one I went back at six weeks and the other I went back at 10 weeks. What type of bottles are you using? I would ensure you've got the slowest flow nipple Playtex Ventaire is the slowest I've found and that's she's being fed in an upright position. DS2 at that age took between 8-12 ounces at that age. At that age I pumped 4 x a day for 15-20 min or until the milk runs out and about a minute after that. I also pumped at home after feeding him first thing in the morning and last thing at night. We also cosleep that helped immensely in the beginning because he reverse cycled because he could eat throughout the night and it helps to signal more milk. It really helped to pump up the freezer stash. Now at 8 months he's taking between 16-20 oz a day. Things that help supply that I try to eat on a daily basis are oatmeal and brewers yeast particulary brewer yeast. Good luck and hugs to you. Oh and if you can swing it get a Medela Freestyle. It has made pumping so, much easier and I found it to be stronger and helped to increase my supply more than a hospital grade pump did.

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