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Re: Diaper Stink/Diaper Stripping Remedies

Originally Posted by Kita View Post
If you've tried what seems to be like everything for stink, and you're still having issues (esp. with an HE machine), try a wetpail!

I use oxyclean in the wetpail. Several others have mentioned that they use EOs in their wetpails. Works for me!
EXACTLY! I have tried everything in my FL and nothing worked.
The wet pail is a miracle worker. I have used Baby OxiClean which worked great but am now using Bac Out in there. And I also started making my own detergent (check out the thread in the Green Families forum on DS) using Washing Soda, Borax and OxiClean. Dirt cheap and works great.

My method is to wet pail with Bac Out. I dump out the soaking water and then dump all the dipes/doublers into the FL. I spin, then rinse on cold and then do a Hot/Cold heavy soil, stain cycle, extra rinse, max extract cycle (I think it's 82 minutes). I use the delicates setting because someone mentioned it uses the most water. I can't vouch for that but I figure it can't hurt. Oh, and if I need to wash any covers I don't add them until the long hot wash to make sure they aren't mixing with the poopy dipes before they've been rinsed out.

I don't do any post rinses. I do a combo of line-drying and machine drying. For the first time ever we have NO stink. No morning stink and no daytime stink. I'm seriously floored by how fabulous the wet pail works!
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