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Re: Talk to me about mama's helpers / nannies

I have one. She's 13 and comes over once a week. (Twice a week would be ideal, but we're doing 1x week for now). She's homeschooled and her dad drops her off at 9, and she stays till 12-12:30 when I drive her home (before nap). Originally I'd thought she would watch the baby while I did stuff (homework for my MS), but with nursing and the AM nap... it's worked out I take care of baby and have her do whatever I need done. She's cooked muffins, done meal prep, cleaned bathrooms, sweep, vacuum...

I pay her $25 each week, and it's worth it. There was definitely an adjustment period as I figured out what was most helpful for me to have her do, and as I figured out, essentially, how to be a good boss. She's a nice girl, but she can't read my mind (dang it!), and won't know to do something if I don't tell her. It also works best when I am clear, and I show her exactly how I would like something done. Again with the mind reading!

Good luck- a mother's helper is money well spent. And you're investing in a good future babysitter.
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