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Re: Minimalist Wardrobe

Originally Posted by katemay View Post
I love the idea of the capsule wardrobe - but mainly because I would love shopping for a new wardrobe. So for me, it is really trying to avoid buying things unless I really love them. Like someone else said, I have a problem with buying off the clearance rack or the consignment store and then I don't even really use what I buy. Instead, I'm trying to buy better quality items, less of them, and keep away from comparing fashion.
This is where I am at the moment. Went to a workshop and a stylist showed us her travel wardrobe which was only a few pieces that could be configured into 30 outfits. It was fun to watch.

She also gave us a couple off rules for when we go shopping. It's been useful and has made me really careful about what comes home.
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