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Re: Would you...

No. Only because I DID a few years ago and think I got scammed.

A mom on CL posted about needing help for presents for her two kids, a boy and a girl. I messaged her and she was super thankful via email and gave me interests for her kids. Very chatty with me back and forth, very open and communicative. I went out and bought a couple of gifts for them and wrapped them all up pretty and even got something for the mom. Set up a time to meet her. When I met her in person, she was totally stand off-ish and barely said two words to me. She didn't even say thank you (only via emails back and forth before the meet up) and wouldn't hardly even LOOK at me. I never saw her kids, but it was supposed to be a secret thing so that the gifts would be from her anyway, so it wasn't the lack of kids that had me feeling uneasy. The whole meet up with her was so...odd. She seemed really, really shady somehow. I just got an icky vibe from it. Maybe she was embarrassed to have needed the help? That's what I've been telling myself so I didn't feel like I got burned. Either way I guess if she sold the items, she must have needed the money so I still feel like I hopefully helped her that year.

But never again off of CL. If one of my mom-to-mom friends posts about knowing someone in need, maybe. But I think I will stick to people I know or an organization.
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