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Violent Video Games?

Ok, so dh is a "gamer" (xbox). He is in a clan, plays in tournaments, blah blah blah. They mostly play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. I HATE it. But anyway...

SOOO the IL's just bought dh's son (my step son) Modern Warfare 3. WTH are they thinking???????? IMO it is completely inappropriate for a 7 year old to be playing that game. The whole game is about killing people. They also got him a play gun. He had it out in front of the girls and I was "the bad guy" and had to tell him "I'm sorry, but we don't allow the girls to play with pretend guns, so please put that away". Of course then my 2 year old found it and was pretend shooting people. Obviously I took it away from her. I know the il's got it bc it's dh "thing" and so they thought dh and his son could play it on xbox live together.

Am I crazy or is letting a child play that game totally wrong? I told dh that I completely disagree with him having that game, and I don't even like HIM (dh) playing that game, but unfortunately, I am not step ds's mom, so I have no real say in it, and dh is an adult, so really don't have say in him playing it either. UGHHHHHHHHHHHH

So, do you allow your kids to play violent video games?
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