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Re: My 6 y/o is suddenly saying GROSS stuff....

So funny that you said you thought only boys did this! I thought the same. I have 5 boys and only 1 girl. So far, of the ones old enough to do this, she is the worst! It's crazy too because she is so girly and lady-like except for in this area. The boys are always tattling on her. We call this kind of talk "potty talk" at our house. I try not to laugh, every now and again I giggle if it strikes me at the right moment. Usually, as soon as I hear it I say, "Oh no. We don't talk that way. It's not acceptable behavior." I do it with a look of disgust like I'm disappointed they would talk like that, not like I'm grossed out. They don't want to disappoint me, but they probably do want to gross me out. They usually stop, but if not, I send them to their room.

Luckily, mine have never done it other than at home. I know I would be embarrassed if they did.

It is normal and it will pass.
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