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Re: what's a reasonable amount of clothes for a little girl?

DD doesn't wear too many dresses, at 4 it doesn't mix when early pottying well. So she generally will have 1-3 that grandparents generally buy. Since not many dresses not many leggings/tights. I think 10 tops would be pretty boring. I wash their clothes about twice a week but they like some variety. She also has a change of clothes in at preschool and in the going out bag (old diaper bag) because I don't like packing them for each day.

I would say DD has about 20 tops and probably about as many pants. A gymnastics outfit. I couple of dresses and leggings. For ease my kids also have a set of short sleeve shirts for last spring to early fall and a set of long sleeve for winter. That does help change it up for them too since their whole set of shirts up and changes and if they don't grow too much usually around half the old set comes back out the next season with some new shirts. Same for shorts/pants.

She would be fine with less pants, but right now she is growing out of one size but isn't out of all of them yet so I have the next size also in the rotation as the old ones rotate out. So during this phase we can have more than maybe fully needed because I like to get all the use out of the old we can but we have the new so might as well be using them. It also might depend on how often your kids change from getting dirty or whatnot.

Disclaimer: We aren't a minimalist family but we try not to have excessive stuff especially clothes.
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