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Re: what's a reasonable amount of clothes for a little girl?

We aim for 5 per kid, plus one for church, and they also have accumulated some suits/fancy dresses that are stored. We homeschool, so they have 2-3 "home clothes" outfits, 2 "public" sets, and when it's not winter they have a set of "work clothes" for when getting dirty is pre-meditated. Really though their home clothes get filthy until the ground is frozen...hence the need for "public" clothes just for going to library, etc.

Big disclaimer: they actually all have a ton of clothes. We've been blessed with hand me downs and since I don't shop often, whenever we're at the thrift store I get anything that does or will fit and meets my standards. There are a dozen or so big totes of sizes we aren't currently using, plus a large closet in one bedroom that is packed full of what does fit now, but is extra. This closet is off limits, but used to resupply as things get worn out/out grown. I'd really like to get rid of all but the current 5-per-person stuff, but I'm always afraid if I do I won't be able to replace it at the time we need it later on. My other problem is I know anything that has gone through my DC will get thrown out by someone else, can't even donate it, so I feel like we need to use it all the way up or it will be wasted. Not sure how to deal with that!
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