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Re: JuneBugs MAY chat!

I just remembered about starting a new thread for May when I checked our April one. Not so on the ball, lol.

(from April's thread)
Originally Posted by tamarag View Post
I love the chore charts that you and Elena talk about. My problem is that how I punish Paityn since she is 8 is totally different then how I would punish Anthony since he is only 3. Well then paityn gets upset thinking I am favoring him. Some things that Piatyn does gets her an automatic time out to her room for the rest of the day but I don't think I could do that with Anthony. KWIM. She already feels like we favor him more!

Guy woke me up with an early Mothers day present...a Nook Color! I have been so busy it is just sitting on my night stand and he thinks I don't want/like it! I love it but man this weekend was hectic!

Did I show you guys the 2 outfits I am debating for Coopers Smash cake photo shoot...
Honestly, I'd just explain to her that at 8yrs old there are more/higher expectations than for a 3yr old. There are many more things she is capable of doing and being trusted with, thus more expectations along with it. That's life and just how it is - and it is a good thing, not a bad thing! Then, if she got upset about it being "unfair", I'd just say fine and let her pout and waste her day being pissy. I'm kinda mean like that though, lol. Life isn't fair. Get over it.
If you were to use an allowance goal/reward like we do, it doesn't end up coming across as unfair, I don't think. The older the child the more allowance they start with, and they all have the potential to either get all or some of it based on the choices they make through each day/week. But they would both get something at the end of the week, kwim?

I do think it's normal for kids to feel like another sibling is more favored. I hope so anyways, because it happens a lot in our house! It changes from day to day, depends on what is happening with which kid, what we're needing to do for/with them, etc. But overall they all feel loved and supported even if more attention is given to one or another when needed.

What's a Nook?

Oh, I love both the outfits!!! I think I'm totally going to do the first pic one - I don't care much about the crown (which is kinda funny cuz the whole pic/ad is for it, lol) but I love the "1" personalized onesie and the matching babylegs!
I'm sure I could do the onesie myself, and I could either make it to match babylegs he all ready has or buy new ones if I found a print I loved. Now I'm all excited!
The only sad part thinking about Levi's birthday... well, other than him turning one - OMGoodness, where has a year gone?!... is knowing that it'll just be us - DH, I, and the kids - for a party. I so wish our family was close. I would love to have a big birthday bash for him. Ah well. That's life for now.
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