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Re: Taking a one year old on a plane??...crazy??

I just bought this awesome backpack with a carrier built in. It is a little pricey but I am going to be flying for the first time in August and my DH will be watching the DC while I am in some meetings. So I was like well we could use the sling for airport but then for just going around town and stuff my DH usually uses our Kelty backpack which is framed. So I went into one of the kid stores in town and there it was the answer to all my problems. It looks just like a backpack but once you unzip the one compartment it has an internal backpack carrier inside. So, basically if you need a carrier you have it and when you don't need it you zip it up and it is a regular backpack with plenty of room. Here is one website I found it on the name is deuter kangakid. It is comfortable, lightweight and once you learn how to use it it is awesome. I have already used it in the woods hiking and fishing etc. At first it was tricky to use just because I was use to the Kelty that had a stand but what I do is hold DS who is 2 y/o in one arm kinda under armpits I guess and make sure straps are back and use the other arm to keep pack open. It will work as a carrier and then as my carry on with plenty of room for all the necessities. Also, I thought the zipper would be an issue but it is soft and does not rub or leave any marks on DS. Anyway, here is a website I found if it doesn't work just google deuter kangakid and there will be plenty of websites. OK well good luck.

Also, I've heard no matter what you have your children in you still have to take them out to go through the scanner.

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