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Originally Posted by MrsStripe
How worried are you about her weight? Both of my boys were very low on the scale, but I don't think my oldest ever fell off the scale. With my youngest we skipped the scale all together because he started smaller than my first, and never caught up. We have gone with as long as he is meeting milestones and growing normally otherwise all is good. With my oldest we went through the weight checks, blood work, and diet changes and nothing made a difference.

As of right now my 5 and 2 year old are both still on whole milk, get full fat yogurt, and let them eat when they ask. While I know there can be done weight gain issues, go with what you think to because she could just be making her own curve and be just fine.
I agree with this and purplefluff. My 24mo is 21lbs and my 4yo wasn't even 20lbs at 2. My 4yo dropped off the charts around a year and stayed off. Our ped recommended adding fat to his diet. Butter on everything, whole milk and whole milk yogurt and cheese. I did a modification version of this, he loves cheese, and yogurt, but I didn't put butter on everything. He stayed off the chart for a while but got back on it around 3. Me and dh are small so our kids are going to be small. I wouldn't worry too much, but we did limit how much our kids drink. They get one cup of milk in the morning, ds gets a cup of orange juice, and then water the rest of the day. That way they aren't filling up and eat at meals. I would recommend doing something similar...
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