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Re: August 2013 weekly chat ~ April 21-27

Originally Posted by Andbabymakes2 View Post
Erica- ((hugs)) for today. I can't imagine losing a sib so early in life. Just not fair. I feel you on the hip pain too. Yesterday was the first time I've felt it. like a nerve was pinched and the pain would radiate up and down. Didn't matter if I sat or was standing either. I was so hot last night that I was awake on and off too. I think it's time to sleep with the windows open, and the fan on. I think I'll be moving downstairs soon into the spare room where it's nice and cool.
Thanks It's hard to believe that she is gone and that its been so many years! It was 3 days before my senior prom. Everytime I think about her I think about what she would have done with babies. I know she would have probably cd'ed since she was such an environmentalist.

Yeah and the pain, just plain annoying!

Originally Posted by KatieB621 View Post
Looked at the pattern of the soaker I want to knit for the baby....ummm I don't have all of the right size needles. I guess that means a shopping trip to Jo Ann's tomorrow!
oh bummer, shopping trip! I went to Michaels to pick up a needle for a shawl that I'm going to be making and beads! Just need to wait for the yarn to show up


Went and helped DH's bff unpack at their new apartment today. His wife is 8.5 months pregnant. So she and I had fun moving boxes in the nursery. They also have an 11 month old dd.

I finished "Opidy's" romper, just need to add snaps and make a pocket and wait for the buttons
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