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HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare

My dd is in cloth full time-currently her babysitter is AWESOME-washes her diapes for me and everything-well it looks like I may have to change her care provider in the near future-I don't want to go to sposies-they just tear up her bum with bad bad rash-it just doesn't work for her-but anyway I was told that the daycare may refuse to use cloth and if they accept cloth that if she pooped they would have to send the whole diaper-poop and all home with me because it would be aginst sanitary regulations for them to dump it-does that sound right to you mama's out there? What alternitives are there? Ican't really afford a new stash-but I dont' want to bring home a wet bag of diapes with full loads of poop either.I know the diapes I send have to be AIO/AI2 or pockets- that don't tend to wick -which is going to be slightly challenging-since most of her well loved diapes are fitted or need repair (mostly loose elastic-once they'd be fixed they would work perfectly)-I can just haven't had the time to sit down yet to do it. Any suggestions from experienced mamas in this would be greatfully appriecated! Thanks!
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