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Re: HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare

Thank you so much Mamas-the facility that is helping me look for a center actually sent me home with the sanitation law-I knew they wouldn't wash them and I am okay with that I just thought it was weird that they couldn't dump-when I was working at a dc in another state-we dumped for cloth or accidents-so I guess that is what I expected. IDK when I asked the woman who is helping me-she got very defensive about the whole thing. I just asked-aren't you supposed to dump spoise poop too-and she said-"not in this state" it just made me feel like she was saying shame on you for cd. I hope her new center doesn't reqiure a dr's note-dh's orders have moved us to a new location and she was on cloth before then so this dr doesn't know-granted I don't have much faith in her ped here and trying to get anew one-but that's a nother story-well i am going to check out the one center that has an opening in about two weeks today-so wish me luck mamas-that she'll do cloth for my lo- thanks
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