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Re: I'm a big mess, depression in pregnancy?

I would quickly say that depression is a metabolic disorder where the brain doesnt function like it should. The problem with dealing with it and accepting it, in my opinion, is the stigma that MENTAL ILLNESS brings.

No one blinks an eye with gestational diabetes. It happens, and you need to medically manage it. Some mamas go on insulin for the duration of the pregnancy. Big deal, right?

But OMG!! Depression! That means you are crazy!!!!


I have diabetes when Im not pregnant. When I am pregnant, my insulin use goes way up, and its a lot harder to keep my sugars regulated. I have to be watched closely to monitor my sugars and fetal growth and other complications. Its just what has to happen to make sure I am healthy and the pregnancy is as healthy as it can be. I do what needs to get done and dont feel any shame or inadequacy.

I also have clinical depression on a daily basis, pregnant or not. I am on SSRI medication for it. It works BEAUTIFULLY and my brain has the chemical support so it can do what it needs. My father took the same medication until he died. My mother is on it. My 18 year old son is on it. Chances are some of my other bio kids will need it as they grow up. For us, who all have genetic propensities for biochemical depression, it is a godsend. I had to add a medication whenever I am pregnant, and need to manage PPD pretty intensely. And when the hormone gush is over, I go right back to being fully functional on a regular dose of my antidepressant.

I am also not ashamed of having depression, and do whatever it takes to manage it. I HAVE to. Its a medical condition that pregnancy influences.

Now, not everyone needs medication for diabetes or depression, whether they are pregnant or not. Sometimes it is a necessity.

My advice--be VERY open with your OB and get some resources--if its just reassurance that you are doing ok to getting a referral for someone else to medication if you need it.

Good luck! Really. Depression is tough to deal with, especially becasue of the stigma we and others attach to it.
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