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Re: How accurate is fundal height for estimating baby's size?

Originally Posted by lisathib123 View Post
My memory is coming back! For my 2nd, est weigh at 37w was right at 8lb she was born 2 weeks later at over 10lbs. Bigger babies Do gain a pound a week. I didn't get pitocin for her. I went in, dilated to 5cm, OB broke my water and she was born within a couple of hours. She was severely bruised without the pitcoin "forcing her out". My uterus was so stretched out, OB had to scrape the walls with guaze so I wouldn't hemerage like I did for my 1st baby. Oh! My 1st baby weighed 9lb 4oz. My body suffered some serious damage, my insides were torn, was uterus could not shrink back, I ended up in the OR to have a DNC. Inductions are not bad if your body is "ready". Most of my deliveries, I was on such a low dose, I could have done without it. Not all babies that were "baked" are delivered "with ease". For this baby I didn't start measuring ahead untill about 30w.

I'm sorry your birth was so traumatic for you and your baby - but I HIGHLY doubt your uterine problems had anything to do with your baby's weight.

Some babies come out bruised - birth is not easy for baby trying to find the right fit through mom's pelvis. 5 lb babies can get bruised. 10 lb babies can get bruised.

Inductions, in MOST cases - and ELECTIVE inductions in ALL cases - are bad. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Just because an induction goes 'well' (depending on your definition of what 'well' would be in regards to birth) doesn't mean the induction wasn't 'bad'. If the risks outweigh the benefits, it's BAD. I'm not referring to medically necessary inductions - but I don't consider baby weight a medical necessity in regards to induction.

My son was a 38 week induction and I was dilated to 3, effaced more than half, before my induction. I had a 'great' bishop's score and was 'term'. My labor was not short, and not long, and went relatively 'smoothly'. I didn't have any tearing or other materinal physical complications. My son, however, had respitory problems and spent over the first day of his life under and oxygen hood.

Just because something like that doesn't happen to EVERY induced labor, doesn't make it a 'not-bad' thing to do. I won't even get in the risks associated with cytotec, which is still often used, and pitocin, or AROM.

Our babies are smart. Our bodies are smart. We need to TRUST that they will take the necessary steps to birth in a way that is best for us. Just because we may not fit the stereotypical and unrealitic time frames or 'process' that many doctor's tell us it should, doesn't mean we're broken. We are all different. We will all birth different, and at different gestational times.

Again: Birth is SAFE, intervention is risky.
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