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Re: sooo, who's your favorite knitter.....

I think it depends on the kind of knitting.
Like Andrea of Dwell Wool Knits would probably be my top choice for colorway knits.
Lynne of Cabbages and Kings does awesome work with solids.
Katie of Strawberry Bottom Baby does awesome embellishment.
Tammy of Bella Bean's does super cute cargos.
Love Monica for Silly Stripes.
Teresa of Comfort Wool or Bodiejake of BluegrassBaby is who I would go to if I had a garment in mind but no pattern.
Kelli ? does the most beautiful Ridinghood Sweaters
My favorite skirty knitter is Marilyn of Eviepants
Etc. (sorry for all those I'm forgetting!) For me it really depends on the project.
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