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Re: A day's worth of diaper changes in pictures- anyone want to play?

My turn! This is a full day's worth of diaper changes. My son, Elias, weighs around 22 lbs and is about 29 inches long.

This is the Nifty Nappy fitted diaper I changed him into right before his early morning feeding. Photo was taken right before I changed him after he woke up for the day. He had wool longies over it.

This is a BG 3.0 pocket diaper in butternut with a joeybunz hemp insert behind the normal BG insert. This is a super absorbent combo, which is great because my DS pees a lot when he first wakes up.

Same diaper from the back.

Rumparooz pocket diaper stuffed with their 6R insert in platinum.

Smartipants in the no longer available cocoa bean color. It's stuffed with a small Eli Monster bamboo g-diaper insert, which fits perfectly in this diaper and works great.

Nifty Nappy Peachy Keen pocket stuffed with a loopy-do insert. I just got this diaper last week, so he's only worn it a few times, but it hasn't leaked once and is super cute. (He of course pooped in it within a half hour of wearing it).

Bummis Tot Bots EasyFit in blueberry.

Applecheeks in Mrs. Robinson (right after he woke up from his nap).

A custom Nifty Nappy fitted made from a t-shirt with two Nifty Nappy inserts inside just in case my DS decided to fall asleep early. (My baby's bum holds the answer to life, the universe and everything! [42])

I gave him my lens cap to keep him entertained, so that's what is in his mouth.

The Nifty Nappy woolie wrap he wore over the fitted. Silly boy playing with his pajama shirt...

The Bububebe fitted with all 3 inserts snapped in it in a space print that I changed him into right before he went to sleep.

The Disana wool cover in size large that he wore over the fitted.

So, that was our day in diapers!
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