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Re: Lots of Sunshine dresses!

Originally Posted by RxMama82 View Post
The dresses are too cute! I'll have to check out your pattern. Any other tips on sewing with knits besides the one that you gave above? The knits that I have seem to be too thin, do you have to have a lining for them to be able to wear as a dress/shirt?
I guess the only other knit tip I know is to sew with a ball point needle, it slides through the fabric rather than piercing it (which could lead to holes along the seams). Otherwise, practice, practice, practice. Once you sew a few things with knits, you'll be much more confident! Also, some knits are easier to sew with, such as cotton interlock, which tends to not have so much stretch.

I guess if you have see-through-thin knit, you might want to pair it with something underneath. Otherwise, it's sometimes nice to have a a nice light-weight dress in one's wardrobe. She could always wear an undershirt/tanktop under it.
Trimsies. They're trim. They fit. Sew your own today!
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