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Re: Help w/ the carseat shuffle :)

I am pretty positive that on any vehicle post 2002 (when the tether anchors were required) you can't have any more added. Vehicles older than that, you can, because some of them have none at all.

We have nearly the same age kids, though I'm not positive on their sizes. We have the same set up as far as seats and tether anchors are concerned.
Right now we do:
DD (10), seat belt, captain's chair (passenger side)
DS1 (8), low back booster, outboard rear
DS2 (6), high back booster, outboard rear
DS3 (2.5), RF radian, captain's chair (driver's side)

I haven't played around with the radian yet to see if it will fit well for a newbie - if it does, we'll be getting another one (for either Levi or Hiccup, depending on if I have the infant insert for this one or not!). If it doesn't fit, we may get a Truefit for Hiccup... haven't really decided that yet.
Then we will shuffle kids to either:
DD, DS1, DS2 across the rear (boys outboard in boosters, DD in middle, unfortunately with the lap belt)
DS3, FF radian, captain's chair (driver's side)
Hiccup, RF radian (or whatever we end up with), captain's chair (passenger side) *unless a seat at 45* will fit behind the driver for DH driving, then Hiccup would be on that side.

DD, seat belt, rear outboard
DS1, booster, captain's chair (either side, depending on fit of Hiccup's seat)
DS2, booster, rear outboard
DS3, FF radian, rear middle
Hiccup, RF whatever seat, captain's chair (again, where it fits)

Why does the TB not work for your DD in the rear row? We have no problems with ours (both are TB, just one with the back and one without).

I don't know if the 2 boosters would work across the rear with a FF radian in the middle - that's what I would try though. Then have the older 3 back there if the 5 yr old fit in a radian, if not, the older ones could be taught to help buckle the 3 yr old (and likely he could do a bunch on his own), then the other FF'er and baby in the middle seats.
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