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Re: 3 questions in 1 post!

I can share my VBAC experience. I don't understand why some OB's won't let you try. It's pretty much documented that inducing can cause a rupture, but there's a lot of evidence that if labor starts on its own, you can VBAC. I had an emergency c/s with DS, then, 7 1/2 years later, had no problem with a VBAC. I hired a doula to help me hold my ground if people tried to push me into an unwanted c/s or other medication.

This time, I'm trying to VBAC again, but I'm getting more of a fight, because I usually go about a week past my EDD, and there are more risks of that due to my age, so they're threatening c/s. I've been advised that nobody can make you get a c/s; you have to sign the papers. I will refuse to sign them unless I am convinced that it is medically necessary.

Forgot to say, I tend to have long, slow labors. When I VBACed, I was in labor for about 17 hours, much of it with fairly strong contractions. Everything held just fine, and I was able to push the baby out very quickly in the end. I was home from the hospital the next day (my choice; I don't like being in the hospital), and was doing great. That's why I totally want to do it again. GO FOR IT! (Especially with young kids at home...)
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