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Re: 3 questions in 1 post!

I only have one child so i cant give advice aobut 3. lol
As for the VBAC its totally doable! The rupture rate is so so so low, its alot lower than you think it is. You have higher chances for other things happening before a rupture. Yes, it is a possibility, but ruptures are used as scare tactics sometimes. Also, induction does increase your rupture rates. So its best to go on your own. Also, moms show signs of rupture before they tend to happen. Moms do certain things, or act a certain way, or are able to feel things happening. Midwives can pick upon them very fast because they know what to look for. When you have an epidural that takes away the moms ability to show those signs and to let the care provider know that something is happening, so they are caught alot later than if you dont have an epidural.
Lastly, you have every right in the world to try for a VBAC. Even if you had a classical cut a VBAC is still possible.
I suggest getting involved with ICAN, they are a great organization to learn from and to prepare yourself. they offer LOTS of great info and they can often lead you in the direction of a care provider who is known to support VBACs. I LOVE going to my meetings and hav learned SO much! Go to you can find a chapter in your area on the site.

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