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Originally Posted by klevmomma
Sounds like condom failure to me. They are what, 98% effective when used perfectly? That means 2% (or whatever the actual rate is) of the time they aren't, kwim?

If you weren't tracking ovulation, then it certainly is possible that you ovulated a little early. But, first of all, I think it is pretty rare to ovulate before CD12. For you that would have been 12/27. In theory, if you DTD on 12/22 with no protection and o'd on 12/27, that could have done it. I'm not saying it's impossible, but that doesn't seem especially likely to me.

If you go the other direction, your first day without protection was 1/7. With a + on 1/14, that's only 7 dpo with that o date. So you would have had to o on cd24 and gotten a very early +. So, I don't think that is especially likely either, though again not impossible.

In the end, you'll never really know since you weren't charting an exact o day. But, imo, you were definitely being safe, and safe isn't 100% effective (unless by safe one means abstinent of course, lol). It's just one of the amazing mysteries / miracles of life, imo :-)
This was my line of thinking too. I thought we were being overly cautious and only dtd unprotected the week after and before my period
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