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Re: Now Asthma! Any quiet or slient nebulizer machines?

Originally Posted by monicadd View Post
Unfortunately ive been through what your going through, being a severe asthmatic myself and my dd suffering now for 10yrs ive seen many things come and go. AS for quieter machines, well each new one they come out with is a bit more quiet, but honestly it has a like pump in it to process the air so its only gonna get but so quiet. you could looking into getting a medical o2 tank instead which would be much more quiet.

There are a few now liquid steroids for kidlet, pedi-pred, prednisolone, and dextro. All working the same, but are a bit different.

Depending on the age of he child, children can start advair as a controller kinda young as well as singular now makes for age 2 and up.

Pulmicort is good. As far as inhaled steroids go. But any or to much of a steroid is a slippery slope, so a good controller is IMPORTANT. and to stay on it.

in my house for the neb we have albuterol, xopenex, and duoneb. Duoneb has salumedrol steroid in it. its what i HAVE to use when i have a attack.

Taking magnesuim helps a ton too. it helps keep the bronchial muscles and all relaxed.

i hope you find what your looking for. If i can be any help please pm me.
Thanks mama!

I am sorry that you have to suffer too. It was so traumatic for my ds and watching him. It is scary just how bad it can get. The scary thing that we didn't know was that not all asthma attacks have wheezing. DS didn't wheeze at all until it was too late.
DS had to be on continious magnesuim, helium air, and a ton of other meds while in PICU. It took several days for it to work and they had to stop the magnesuim because of him having too much. It worked though.

The Ped. Pulmonary told us to just turn on the machine when he isn't sick so he hears it in the room. Like while he is watching tv, eating, etc so that he gets used to the noise. It really is so loud that it makes me nervous. I may still try to find a quieter one as my DH used to have one that was almost 100 percent quieter than this loud thing.

Thanks again for the support and sharing your experience!
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