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Re: Now Asthma! Any quiet or slient nebulizer machines?

Originally Posted by *Willow* View Post
Our neb sounds like a centrefuge, it is not very quiet but not terribly loud. My DS is on pulmicort, and xopenex (actually, recently we thought we'd switch from xopenex to albuterol but the side effects were too much for DS to handle on top of his sensitivities)

So sorry to hear of your ER/Hospital trip. I think you should definately check into a quieter one, sounds like yours is pretty obnoxious, and that is difficult to work with a child.

We have albuterol and something else for the machine. He takes Flovent twice daily with an inhaler.

The machine is definitely obnoxious! It really gets under my skin. I am going to try to get another one. I understand that there is a motor, but the noise is really ridiculous. It even vibrates/jumps when on.. so add that to the noise mix.
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