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Re: I hear this a lot, and don't "get it".....

Originally Posted by Mama*Kim View Post
I hear it in response to the "its not natural" argument. The point is just that it is natural. Animals don't just suddenly decide to be homosexual and neither do humans (or any sexuality for that matter).

Originally Posted by jam's mum View Post
I think maybe you're not the target audience for the point. The fact that homosexuality is common in nature is an argument against opinions that

a) homosexuality is unnatural
b) homosexuality "goes against God's plan"
c) homosexuality is a choice
d) homosexuality is a product of a degenerate culture or society

It's not a glorification of the way of the wolf, it's simply a counter-fact to correct various homophobic assumptions. If you don't share those assumptions, then you don't need to hear it

It still doesn't make sense as opening poster pointed out some animals on instinct eat their young. This is natural for them. It doesn't make it natural for humans. So the same would apply then for homosexuality or really anything animals do. Just because it may be natural for animals does not mean it is natural for people.
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