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Originally Posted by mammacandoit View Post
I have cloth diapered all of my kids. However, either my water, soap, or my LO pee makes the most raunchy diapers ever. I mean awful. I have been using bleach in every load (about 1T) or they won't get clean otherwise. Sometimes I even have to wash twice. I have stripped and stripped too.
Lately, my routine is this:

Dry bucket
on wash day, soak all diapers overnight with bleach & soap (I let it agitate about 10 minutes first).
Drain next day.
Wash on cold with soap & bleach.
Possibly wash again.

Because I have a hot water boiler heat system, my water is heated much more slowly then with a hot water heater.....but since it's free I'm not complaining. But I wonder if maybe the diapers aren't getting clean because I'm washing on cold during the day? I just can't wash on hot because it will take all the hot water for a few hours.
I have also wondered if it's my soap, so I bought a different brand today.
We have regular brands of detergent at our store....nothing special. I have been using some "eco" brand from walmart. Is that a bad brand?
Please help me figure this crap out (pun intended )
A standard wash routine is a cold rinse (no detergent), hot wash with detergent & cold rinse (no detergent) I would avoid the bleach, especially for overnight soaking... could you boil water on the stove or something & add it to your washer? I haven't heard of many people having good results washing on cold (I think the only one I heard of was using baking soda to wash but don't quote me on that) this chart shows ratings for detergents you might be able to find at your local store:
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