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Baby advice, rash, constipation related.

Okay, need advice or help or whatever mamas. My DD seems to have been constipated. Then all of a sudden she has big poops that seem to really irritate her bum. After two in a row I decide to feed her (she didn't eat much breakfast) all stage 2 pears, squash and green beans. Usually she has some kind of meat mixed in all of that, but I am trying to help the poor little girl poop. When I changed her about an hour and a half after dinner she had another big poop. Yeah! Dh changed the dipe in between the poops so I changed three poopy dipes right in a row Anyway, when I changed her right before bed, her bum was really red (after three poops I don't blame it) and she actually fussed (not like her) when I put the Desitin on her and put her in a sposie Usually now she is in a VBSN with a crat soaker, but all I have is A&D and Desitin (bought it when she was born) and she still has the same tubes. We are not used to these issues with diaper rash.
What do I do? Should I keep her smothered in Desitin and keep feeding her foods that will help her go number 2? We haven't had loose stools, just big stools (for an 11 month old anyhow).
Help I need avice from you mamas
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