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Paranoid about not pumping enough

I guess this is more of a vent than anything.

My LO is 1 month and 3 days today. I stayed home from work for the first month, but I came back on Tuesday. She nursed on demand while I was at home. We were concerned about her taking a bottle when I returned to work, so DH started giving her a bottle of BM at night. She took to it fine. She nurses great, really. She's gained weight on track and makes pleeeeeeenty of wet/dirty diapers a day. My mom now keeps LO during the day for about 9 hours. I nurse her as soon as I get home, after dinner, before bed, and twice during the night.

I rented a Medela Symphony from the hospital, and I've been slowly but consistently building a freezer stash while I was at home. LO prefers the right breast, so I generally nursed her and pumped the left side. I think I pumped maybe 50-60 oz for the freezer and about 40 oz in the fridge at any given time in the last 3 weeks. Everything was going great.

The problem is that I can't convince my mom or DH that breastfed babies can overeat from bottles. They always tell me she was "starving" because she sucked down the first bottle they gave her, so they gave her more. DH has given her 5 oz in about two hours, and my mom thinks she gave her 18 oz in 9 hours yesterday. That's 2 oz an hour! I was so hopeful the first day my mom kept her because she ate 12 oz in 9 hours, which lined up with the 1-1.5 oz an hour "average" rate. Then yesterday... 18 oz.

I wasn't fixated on her eating the "correct" amount. I know her intake may vary at feedings, and I know the 1-1.5 oz per hour is a guideline, not an exact science. But still. This just seems like way too much to me. Especially since she eats right before I leave for work and as soon as I get home.

I've tried talking to both of them. It's not doing any good. I've printed out info on bottlefeeding breastfed babies. It's not helping. I'm not pumping enough anymore to keep up with the rate they're feeding her. I pump 20-21 oz a day. So if she eats 18 oz with my mom and 5 oz from DH, bam... not enough milk, and I'll be raiding my freezer stash every day. I'm pumping every 3 hours at work, eating oatmeal, and taking More Milk.

They're both very gung ho on BFing, so I've even tried telling them that I'll have to supplement with formula if they keep overfeeding her. I thought that might worry them enough to reconsider how much they're feeding her. It hasn't. They both assure me that it will be fine, I won't have to supplement, it's not a big deal, etc. Or if I do have to supplement, that's also not a big deal. It IS a big deal to me. I worked so hard at establishing my supply, and I really thought I could BF her successfully and still work full-time, but it just doesn't look like it's going to work out that way.

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