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It does sound like you have a lot going on. Between the pressure of potty training, your other posts about your DD, your pregnancy, and in your siggy I see it says you lost a baby last year... Mama you've got a LOT on your shoulders. You stop that failure talk right now, you hear me? :-)

You're doing your very best, and you've got to take a deep breathe and let it be enough. Mothering is grueling, humbling, frightening work, especially when our littles are so small and messy and confusing, and our best efforts seem to miss the mark.

But potty training isn't about you. :-) it's not a measure of your failure or success as a parent, even if it feels like it is. It is super frustrating to have your child pee on himself. Damn skippy. But you can't control his pee, and he's still barely working that out so give yourself the grace Christ paid for, and pass it on to your kiddo. ;-)

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