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**LOTS of wool! Shorties, longies, skirties, all sizes! 28 items still left!**

I LOVE wool, but with triplets in diapers I've had to streamline to AIOs. Some of these have been used by us, some I bought thinking I'd use on the triplets, but I have not. If you don't like my prices, MMAO, I'm a lot more likely to take it if you're buying multiple items.

Unless stated, all items are freshly washed and lanolized, all measurements are taken laid flat, unstretched. I take care to examine each item and be honest about its condition, but feel free to ask questions. I still have about 15 items that need to be washed and photographed so if you're ISO something I don't have, please ask, it might be posting soon. I'm also posting a TON of Goodmamas, GroVia Hybrids, GroVia AIOs, BSRBs, preemie prefolds, and Flip covers.

Sapo Verde Rumba Skirty Medium $40ppd
No stains on skirt, soaker is a little faded around legs and slightly dingy in between the legs, but the pic makes it look darker than it is.

Sapo Verde Skirtie Large $40ppd
In perfect shape, no fading on interlock

Sapo Verde Rhumba Skirty Medium $45ppd for the set
has a small shadowy spot on the front of the skirt and a bit on the soaker. no fading. This has a matching pink shirt with lemons on it that I can't get a pic of right now because its in the triplet's room and they're sleeping, I'll try and get a pic of it up tomorrow.

Blue/Green SapoVerde Style Skirtie EUC $48ppd
Built in interlock soaker
W-9" R-18.5" L-6"
Coral/Yellow SapoVerde Style Skirty EUC $48ppd
Built in interlock soaker, cotton eyelet trim
W-8.5" R-17" L-5.5"
*Note: These two are NOT Sapo Verde Brand

Pink/Cocoa Shorties $28ppd for the set
W-8.5" R-15" L-2" to bottom of ruffle
The shorties are EUC, beautifully knit, perfect shape. I have a pink shirt that perfectly matches the pink in the shorties, but its it the triplet's room right now and they're sleeping, I'll get a pic up tomorrow. I believe the shirt has a small stain on it.

Skirty EUC $30ppd
W-7" R-15" Legs are 4.5" wide and 1" inseam not including the gusseted crotch
This is my all time favorite wool and I'm having a REALLY hard time letting it go! Its a gorgeous wool with deep pink, grass green, and turquoise so its really to match shirts to. In perfect shape.

"Brobee" Longies $55ppd
W-8.5" R-17" L-9" These are the exact same size as the Crankies above
These are in perfect shape except a small shadowy spot on the back, see pic These fit skinny kids especially well as the legs fit slimmer than other longies that I've had.

Purple/Teal Blue Longies $48ppd
These look well knit (I couldn't find any flaws) in a bulkier yarn, GORGEOUS colorway, the pics don't do it justice! 1" Elastic in waist W-9" R-18" I-10"
Scrappy Longies EUC-$60ppdSOLD
Super soft wool, no flaws, never used by us
W-9.5" R-18" I-11.5"

Black/Rainbow Longies- no flaws EUC $60ppdTRADED
I seem to remember this colorway being called Lego, but don't quote me on that.
W-7.5" R-18.5" I-10"
Coral Red/Gray/Teal Longies- no flaws EUC $60ppd
W-8" R-19" I-8"

Stacinator Interlock Wrap M $8ppd
Dingy, kinda beat up, needs leg elastic replaced
Knit Soaker $12ppd
Felted, pilly Elastic in waist W-8" R-18" L-5.5"

Loveybums L Wraps
LOVED these, they fit great over Goodmamas
Blue is VGUC $22ppdSOLD
Slight staining around legs
Pink is GUC $18
staining around legs/butt, missing two snaps, but I found it still works fine

WoollyBottoms Upcycled Soaker M $20
double lined, slightly dingy around waistband, the dark color is a pretty burgundy purple

Interlock Longies/Karate Style Pants
Very Dark Navy/almost Black EUC $45
W-8.5" R-21.5" I-8.5"
Rusty Brown EUC $45ppdSOLD
W-8.5" R 21.5" I-9.5"
Red EUC $45ppd
W-8.5" R-21.5" I-9"

Camo Colorway Knit Shorties- no flaws EUC $20ppd SOLD
W-6.5" R-16" L-4"
NB Interlock Cover EUC $16ppd
15" rise velcro is perfect

Lapis Leine Bloomers S EUC $28ppd
These were my faves! Fit beautifully and super cute!!
W-8" R-15" L-5"

Tan FairIsle Upcycled Soaker $15ppdSOLD
W-8.5" R-18" L-5"
Pale Green Upcycled Longies $15ppd
Elastic in waist W-8.5" R-18" I-10.25"
Pale Green FairIsle Upcycled Soaker on the Left $10ppd
I accidently cut the waistband piece on this wrong so its a little stretchier than I'd like, but my kids were super skinny too.
W-9.5" R-16" L-6"
Pale Green FairIsle Upcycled Soaker on the Right $14ppd
W-9" R-16" L-5.5"

Red Upcycled Soaker $10ppd
This is surprisingly light material and nice for warmer weather
W-9.5" R-17" L-5.5"

Upcycled Soaker EUC $26ppd
LOVE this soaker! Its light interlock on the inside, adorable striped sweater on the outside, has gussets and snaps

Light Blue/Dark Blue WCW Shorties Small-$16ppd
Play condition Wild Child Woolies, getting a little felted, has some spit up stains that won't come out. W-7" R-14.5" I-2.5"
Gray Bumby Shorties M $18ppd SOLD
Slightly pilly, otherwise great shape W-8" R-16.5" I-2.25"
Cadet Blue Shorties EUC $20ppd
W-7" R-18" I-2.5"
Mustard Shorties $14ppd
VGUC, just a teeny bit of dingy spot on the front. I'm going to wash these again and see if it comes out.

Sbish M VGUC $38ppdSOLD
Sustainablebabyish Soaker- A little thin in the butt, has a couple of faint tiny dots on the waistband

Gray Cable Knit Upcycled Soaker $15ppdSOLD
Another of my absolute favorites I'm sad to see go...
W-9.5" R-19" L-5"

Blue/Chocolate Crocheted Set EUC $35ppdSOLD
hat Width-7", somewhat stretchy
longies-W-8" R-17" I-9"

Knit Soaker Just one of the brown ones left $15ppdSOLD
These are NB/Smallish, I'll get the measurements on it tonight.

Monster Crankypants Longies Medium EUC $60ppdSOLD
W-8.5" R-17" L-9"
These are in like new shape, no flaws, never worn by us, I was really hoping to use wool with the triplets, but its just not happening.

Mama of 6, including CD'd triplets!
ISO-BG Elementals or Freetimes in bright colors, Goodmama hanging pail

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