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Night-time solution and morning fits

My DD has been day-time and nap-time trained for about a week now. She's moved swiftly, of her own accord, and does great out in public. But we're having an issue with night-time.

I'm not trying actively to train her at night. She's 2, so it's no biggie to me. I wasn't even actively trying to potty train her, she did it herself. So, I had no problem putting her in a diaper at night, which is normally dry in the morning anyway. Until, all of the sudden, she decides to have a HUGE FIT in the mornings when I go to take it off. End of the world type of fit, you guys. Doesn't want it off, and if I do take it off, she tries to put the prefold back on herself. I left it on her one morning, thinking she'd tell me when she wants to potty, and we can take it off then. But she peed in her diaper and THEN had me take it off. Which is strange, because when I had her in diapers during the day, she'd ask me to take them off so she can potty. Any experience with this??

So, I thought I'd circumvent the issue by putting her in cloth trainers (thin, gerber-type ones) at night with a cover over the top. Of course, she pees during the middle of the night, is totally uncomfortable, so I strip them off and put her in a prefold. Same reaction the next morning.

Is there some better night-time solution I'm completely overlooking? Are there really absorbent night-time trainers that don't feel like diapers but are absorbent enough to keep her from feeling super wet if she does pee?

Or should I just keep her in a diaper at night and let her pee in it the next morning?
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