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Re: co-sleeping mamas...

Originally Posted by stephcrouse View Post
What kind of lovey worked for you?
The one I mentioned in my signature is a Kaloo "Doudou"...a square of soft microfiber chenille with knots in the corners and a floppy-eared bunny head on on side. It was little enough for baby hands to grasp and very soft (or at least it used to be). He used to just smoosh his face into it....but since he's started teething, he actually gnaws on it (which is why I need to find another one ASAP, because he's literally chewing this one to pieces).

Oh, and when he started to go through that really squirmy/grabby phase when he was nursing, I started letting him hold his lovey while he was on the boob and it solved that problem too. As soon as he had something familiar to hold, he quit flailing his arms around and smacking me. Yay!

We lucked out and found a lovey that he liked immediately, but you might need to try a few things before you find the perfect item. Some babies will happily snuggle a prefold. Some choose a stuffed animal. My sister and I both had receiving blankets that we dragged around until we were teenagers. (Seriously!) Try different stuff you have around the house. And it might help if you tried something small that you could stuff into your bra for a few hours, so it smells like your baby's favorite thing.
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