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Re: grocery shopping in Hawaii....

my cousin took me to the commisary a few times and we agreed costco had better prices on staple food.

I shop costco mostly, Times and safeway but only the sale items if its something we'll use. If its not on sale then theres a good chance we can work without it. Walmarts on the rotation now too even though its on my least favorite list. I wouldnt say I stockpile but I shop with a 6 week sale rotation in mind. Right now I have alot of pasta but not much sauce. Ive got one red ad one white but Im going to wait for the sale. Times has ground beef for $2.69 this week so Im geting 10# tomorrow after the new sale ads get here so I can make sure theres no better deals wednesday. I also snag some of the Safeway Friday only deals.

Im still on track to be under $400 for this month, yay!!!!!!! This puts me right back where I was in San Diego if I can keep it up. We have changed our eating habits a little. rice and stirfrys more often, less dairy and bread. I guess the question is what are you buying or what does a normal week consist of?
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