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Re: Insurance #$&*%#@

Originally Posted by rowynne View Post
Carly- I kwym! Here we are trying to do everything we can for our children to make sure they are cared for & get the best & we're treated like crap! It makes no sense! Seriously, this is the #1 reason I REFUSE to be a caseworker, EVER!!!! (I have a social work degree which does help because I know half the stuff they tell me is BS).
Seriously. IDK though, maybe you *should* be a caseworker so that they're will be at least one decent one out there.

Oh, yeah, and I forgot... in addition to all the BS mine fed me, she also is NEVER in the office when I call and NEVER *returns* my calls and then she gets mad at me for not calling and treats me like I'm not "taking care of things".
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