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Re: Anyone ever given hormone shots for IVF?

My best advice is for you to "practice" on something, like a stuffed animal or a throw pillow so that you can get a good idea of how easily the needle will go in. It will go like a knife through hot butter - very very easy. DO NOT rear back and jam it in, lol.

My question, of course, is why can'tshe give herself the shot? Unless it is in her....backside of course. Frankly it is easier giving them to can control it easier and you know when it is going to happen. Less anticipation. Of course, I only gave it to myself once. But I rather preferred it.

Honestly...if you do it even twice, you will have the hang of it. It's just not as bad as you will think.

That is all the experience of a soon-to-be mama who did 8 rounds of artificial inseminations and 2 rounds of IVF. All with many many shots. PM me if you want more tips or have more questions.
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