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Re: Cloth and circumcision

Just put vaseline/neosporin on a piece of gauze, and put that over it. I think I used neosporin with every change with youngest ds, and no vaseline. And continue until its healed. The gauze will keep it almost entirely off the diaper. I would do the same thing with sposies.

In case you're really concerned, I was a little laid back about using rash creams on ds when he was little, as he had a couple of lingering rashes. I didn't use anything with cod liver oil, but did use some non-cd safe creams. I did notice some residue on a diaper or two a couple times when taking them out of the washing machine to put in the dryer, so I scrubbed it off and threw them in for another wash. Ds is now 8 months, and there is no evidence on my diapers that this ever happened, and no repelling. So if a little bit gets through the gauze, the diapers should be fine in the long run.
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