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Re: Trying not to judge another mom...

Hehe, thanks all! I did end up sending her a facebook message since commenting on her blog is shut off. I was very polite - started out by how I love reading the blog, her baby is cute, etc. and then I said I just thought you should know - in case you don't already - that car seat laws are rear facing until 2. I also attached links. She wrote back saying thank you and that they had no idea!!!!!! I'm so relieved I said something. I just don't understand how she can be that uninformed. Oh, and he's 6 months, not 7, not that it makes a difference. She said because the car seat's weight limit said 30 pounds was okay for front facing, that's what they did. 30 pounds - 6 months old!?!? That's part of not feeding your baby properly! I only mentioned the car seat though - I felt that was the most important out of all the issues going on. My baby is 11 months and 20 pounds. I can't even imagine how fat my baby at 11 months would look with 10 more pounds on her. That's insane!!!
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