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Nursing strike?

Aidan is getting ready to turn 3mos old and we have struggled with bf'ing from birth. He was tongue tied, I had thrush twice, low supply, and we are supplementing b/c he didnt gain enough weight. Our current schedule has been (for the last 3mos) formula during the day and then he nurses in the evening and overnight. I got my first period last week and he refused to nurse. Well on Sat my cycle ended so I went back to trying to nurse him and he just plain refuses. He makes this ugly face, like I put lemon juice on my nipples or something. He wont even try to suck from them. Im starting to wonder if I should just stop all together and be glad we got 3mos out of him or what? Is this just a nursing strike? I have put him on my nipple before every feeding, even the day ones for the last two days but he gets sooo mad and screams that then it takes me a half hour to settle him down to even take a bottle. Any suggestions.
Jen H.
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