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Unhappy Looking for help please!

My daughter will be 4 on October. She is still not potty trained. Though is in Underwear she still has many many accidents during the day and at night time. DH and I have tried everything with her just everything. Now it seems to be getting worse. She pees through her clothes every day and poops sometimes in places too.

We just do not know what to do.It is wearing us down. Here are a few things we have tried.

1. Rewards for going on the potty
2. Not making a big deal out of her accidents
3. new special underwear
4. New potty chair
5. reminding her to go on the potty all the time
6. Taking her to go on the potty every 15 mins -30 mins

I could go on and on...Has anyone been here before? Any advice.

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