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Re: Looking for help please!

i'm gonna watch this thread because i have a little boy in my dayhome who turned 4 in may (right after his mom returned to work and he started coming to my house). he was fully toilet-trained before coming and was fine for the first couple of weeks and now they have him back in pull-ups because he will pee and poo his home, they have him wear only a bathrobe and they say that when he has to think of it he goes in the toilet but even if they put him in clothes or take him out, he'll still have accidents (not all the time but that's the same thing here...even in his pull-up, there will be some days where he'll go in the toilet once or twice and other times that he'll pee so much that his pull-up will leak) we actually had problems with our son for a while too because he thought if the other kid could pee his pants, then it was ok for him too...luckily we stopped that but we (me and his parents) have tried everything and we just don't get's not like he doesn't get it; it just that he doesn't care.
it sure would be great if somebody out there had the miracle answer.
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