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Help! Toddler is driving me NUTS!

I'm going to go crazy here! My son - whom I love dearly, and think is way too smart for his own good - is driving me and my mom to our wit's end! We watch the next-door neighbor's little girl who is the same age and they are totally feeding off each other. I have been trying in my very scarce free time to find new ideas for how to handle them, but I am just not having much luck. I try to be positive, give them plenty of attention, praise when they are being good, etc. Yet inevitably it seems to fall back to telling them "No!" putting them in time-out or the like. It is not working. I don't think they are taking us seriously anymore!

This drives me crazy because I always follow through with things it's just what can I do when they purposefully spill milk and then splash it after getting something they want (like a couple chocolate chips for finishing their lunch without a mess). My son is a terror for putting down for his nap. Again, I've tried turning to the books and The No-cry Sleep Solution has some good ideas but they just aren't working with him. He's in a toddler bed because he was climbing everything and we didn't want him to possibly get hurt climbing out of his crib.

My poor mom, who typically watches them while I go to school, is also going crazy. Her patience with them is shot. It's just not any fun with them anymore. It's not supposed to be like this!!!!

I understand toddlers will push limits and all that but this is just getting ridiculous. It is like they feed off each other. One will do something, be told not to, and then the other will start. Most of it is just little stuff that isn't time-out worthy, but it could still get someone hurt, sick, break something, etc. When they aren't bouncing misbehavior off one another they are very competitive and always want the other kid's toy, to be held by the same person, etc. Oh, and they are both almost 2 years old. My son does seem to behave better when she isn't around. However, I'm pregnant with my second child, so we really need to get this nipped in the bud. I don't want to have to face it again with a newborn!

I need some good ideas for how to handle this. I read The Happiest Toddler on the Block, but they aren't really throwing tantrums. It is more just disobeying: throwing things, not listening, climbing, purposefully dumping beverages, not staying in bed for nap (even if I stay in to sing, read, etc. to calm them down), etc. Please throw out whatever good ideas you have. I'm just tired of being mad at my son for his choices which seem designed to make me and my mom (the primary daycare watcher) mad.

Thanks for any help and for letting me vent!
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